As Featured In
July/August 2002 Saxophone Journal
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Dave Koz's Selected Discography
Dave Koz's Equipment
As Leader
A Smooth Jazz Christmas (Capitol, 2001)
The Dance (Capitol, 1999)
December Makes Me Feel This Way (Capitol, 1997)
Off The Beaten Path (Capitol, 1996)
Lucky Man (Capitol, 1993)
Dave Koz (Capitol, 1990)
With Others
• With Auto & Cherokee Naked Music (Morgan Creek, 1992)
• With Stevie B. Healing (Epic, 1992)
• With Brian Becvar Once In A Life (Real Music, 1995)
• With Benet Benet (Capitol, 1992)
• With Michael Bolton
Timeless: The Classics/Timeless: The Classics, Vol. 2/Love Songs (Sony, 2001)
• With John Boswell Kindred Spirits (Hearts of Space, 1995)
• With Bobby Caldwell Heart of Mine (Sindrome, 1987)
• With Chris Camozzi
Slow Burn (Samson, 2001)
Suede (Discovery, 1997)
Windows of My Soul (Higher Octave, 1996)
• With Bill Champlin Through It All (Turnip The Music Group, 1996)
• With Craig Chaquico Once In A Blue Universe (Higher Octave, 1997)
• With Clarence Clemons Peacemaker (Zoo, 1995)
• With Tyler Collins Tyler (RCA, 1992)
• With Craig & Company
Rock ‘n Together (Craig ‘N Co., 1998)
My Newish Jewish Discovery (Craig ‘N Co., 1997)
Morning ‘n’ Night (Disney, 1992)
• With Brian Culbertson Nice & Slow (Atlantic, 2001)
Somethin’ Bout Love (Atlantic, 1999)
• With Celine Dion Celine Dion (Epic, 1992)
• With Michael Franks Dragonfly Summer (Reprise, 1993)
• With Robin Frederick How Far? How Fast? (Higher Octave, 1992)
• With Garden Party
No Static At All: An Instrumental Tribute To Steely Dan (Samson Music, 2000)
• With Nona Gaye Love For The Future (Atlantic, 1992)
• With The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra
Always And Forever: Movies Greatest Love Songs (Polygram, 1996)
• With Julio Iglesias
Crazy (Sony, 1994)
• With Gregg Karukas
Key Witness (Positive, 1991)
Sound Of Emotion (Positive, 1991)

Yamaha YSS-62 Silver-plated Straight Soprano and a Conn Curved Soprano (vintage) made in 1914, with a Couf Hard Rubber #8 mouthpiece and Rico Plasticover #3 reeds.
Yamaha YAS-62 Silver-plated, with a Beechler Metal #7 mouthpiece and Rico Plasticover #3 reeds.
Yamaha YTS-62 Silver-plated and a Selmer Mark VI (1963), with a Berg-Larsen Hard Rubber #90/2 mouthpiece and Rico Plasticover #3 reeds.
Yamaha YBS-62, with a Berg-Larsen mouthpiece and Rico Plasticover #3 reeds.