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SeptOct, Vol. 38, No. 1
NovDec, Vol. 38, No. 2

j.j. Babbitt
Saxophone Mouthpieces

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deJacques strap
Endorsed By
Ernie Watts
Tim Price
Greg Banaszak
Emanuele Cisi

Saxophone Method Books
By Dorn Publications

Improve Your Doubling
Saxophone Warm-Ups
12 Duets For Al Gallodoro
Jerry Bergonzi Solos

For Unaccompanied Saxophone
Composed By
Dorothy Chang

Ferree's Tools
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Greg Fishman
Jazz Studios

The Acclaimed Jazz Learning Series From Greg Fishman
Hip-Licks For Saxophone

Joe Sax
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Music Medic
Wayne Leechford Plays
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The Clarinet
Excellence & Artistry

Available Only
From Dorn Publications

By Rosario Mazzeo

Combo Platter
Arranged For Alto Saxophone Violin & Marimba
by Robert Aldridge


SeptOct, Volume 38, No. 1 - 2013
NovDec, Volume 38, No. 2 - 2013

Daniel Deffayet
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Final Issue!
SeptOct, Volume 38, No. 1
NovDec, Volume 38, No. 2

Comparing Saxophone Altissimo Books
by Jason Adams
Sigurd Rascher’s Top Tones For The Saxophone

Ted Nash’s Studies In High Harmonics (currently out of print)

Rosemary Lang’s Beginning Studies In The Altissimo Register

Dr. Eugene Roussea’s Saxophone High Tones

Dr. Robert Luckey’s Saxophone Altissimo:
Hi Note Development For The Contemporary Player

Donald Sinta And Dr. Denise Dabney’s Voicing

Circular Breathing
by Richard A. Schwartz
Part I
Early History And Usage With Musical Instruments

Part II
Is Circular Breathing Hazardous To Your Health

Freezing Your Saxophone
by Tom Weidle
The Scoop On Cryogenic Treatment Of Your Saxophone
What would happen if you froze your saxophone to 300 degrees below zero? According to a growing number of musicians, some really nice things happen. The following is an updated report on cryogenic treatment (or “tempering’) of musical instruments, particularly saxophones (the last Saxophone Journal report on cryogenics was in the March/April 1994 issue).

DVD Videos
Widescreen NTSC videos playable
on a standard DVD to TV player.

Saxophone Journal DVD 1
• Mistress Sharons Key Clamps
• New Saxophone Maintenance Products
• Oiling Your Saxophone Properly
• Nova Leaklight
• Solid Copper Alto Saxophone Neck
• Tuning A Saxophone Neck
• A Saxophone Neck Sound Enhancer
• The Vortech Air Torch
• Saxophone Sandblasting
• The Z-gun
• Rovner Platinum And Legacy Mouthphiece Ligatures
• Installing A Low C# Minibal Mechanism

Saxophone Journal DVD 2
• We Are Vandoren
• Saxgourmet Mouthpiece Preparation
• Saxgourmet Copper Alto Sax Neck Unboxed
• Vandoren’s New Sax Neck Harness
• Rico Reeds Video
• 1924 Buescher Factory - Saxophone Production
• 1937 C.G. Conn Factory - RARE pre-WWII footage
• 1954 Selmer Factory North Main St. Elkhart IN -saxophone assembly
• 1956 CG Conn Ltd factory and research department - Earl Kent
• MusicMedic Double Sided Spring Hook
• Music Medic Saxophone Screw Drivers
• “Jack Of Spades” Wood Tenor Sax Mouthpiece
• Rovner Mouthpiece To Ligature Matching Phone App

Saxophone Journal DVD 3
• Long Tones Challenge, Warm-Up & Practicing
• Vibrato as an Expressive Device
• Altissimo For Alto Saxophone
• Step 1 Getting A Sound
• Step 2 Tonguing The Note
• Step 3 Finger Position
• Tips For Improving Your Saxophone Technique
• Intro Into Multiphonics
• Saxophone Double Tonguing Lesson
• Playing The Blues
• How To Memorize A Tune
• Technique On The Saxophone
• The Keyless Alto Saxophone
• MusicMedic Skype Lessons

Saxophone Journal
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SeptOct, Vol. 38, No. 1
NovDec, Vol. 38, No. 2

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Developing A Personal
Saxophone Sound

3rd Edition
By David Liebman

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University Of North Carolina
School Of The Arts
Taimur Sullivan
Artist-Faculty In Saxophone

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Neotech Sax Strap
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Sonata For Alto Saxophone
And Piano
by Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn

Open Loop Records
CDs By Artists:
Steven Mauk, Timothy Roberts, Dale Underwood, Jamal Rossi, Greg Banaszak, Lynn Klock, East Coast Sax Quartet, Empire Sax Quartet, Saxophone Sinfonia

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Sound Mirror
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