SeptOct 2006 , Volume 31, No. 1
Jimmy Sturr, John Klemmer, Frederick Hemke
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Sept/Oct 2006

Creative Teaching Techniques
by Steve Mauk
"Using Palm Keys As Alternate Fingerings"

The Sax Doctor
by Emilio Lyons
"Removing White Stuff On A Sax Mouthpiece"
"Making A Sax Play Flatter In Pitch"

The Saxophone Quartet
by Susan Fancher
"Twenty Years Of Life In a Sax Quartet: Rollin' Phones"

A Lesson With Baritone Saxophonist Lauren Sevian
by Greg Banaszak

Creative Jazz Improvisation
by David Pope
"Listening Habits For Jazz Saxophonists"

Rock 'n Roll Saxophone
by Andrew Clark
"Akai EWI Story: Past, Present, Future, Part I"

New Saxophone Publications
by David Demsey
"101 Tips: Stuff All The Pros Know And Use"
"The Best Of Charlie Parker: A Step By Step Breakdown"
"30 x 20 Duets For Two Like Saxophones"
"Melodic Improvising"

Orchestral Saxophone Primer, Part I
by Paul Haar
"Taking Time To Prepare For The Challenge Of Orchestral Sax Playing"

Develop The Mind Not The Ear
by Laura De Cosmo and Emile De Cosmo
"The C Minor 7th Chord For the Beginning Jazz Improvisor"
Paul Wagner's Reviews
Infinite Gallodoro 2-CD set
Al Gallodoro
Tuning In
Paragon Sax Quartet

Billy Kerr's Reviews
Mean What You Say
Eddie Daniels
Burnin' Live At The Jazz Standard
Pete Zimmer Quartet
Joel Frahm
Commission Impossible
Miles Osland

Frank Bongiorno's Reviews
Line Of Sight
John O'Gallagher
Tony Malaby
Translucent Space
Jason Rigby

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How To Play The Blues Masterclass Play-Along CD
by Eric Morones

Click here for Eb sheet music parts for this CD (a PDF file).
Hello and welcome to my Saxophone Journal masterclass play-along CD titled “How to play the blues.” The blues has been called a soulful, deep, sophisticated, style of music that evolved historically in the United States. It is a music whose roots stem from Afro-American slaves expressing their terrible plight through field hollers, shouts, chants, spirituals, and praise songs. Throughout the history of blues music it has gone through many stages, from early work song blues, up through the many different styles of music that are in vogue today, i.e., ragtime, jazz, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, rock ‘n roll, hip-hop, country, even conventional pop music.
How To Play The Blues
Saxophone Journal Masterclass & Play-Along CD
By Eric J. Morones
TRACK 1 Introduction, 1:38
TRACK 2 Scales, Note Embellishments, Tips, 6:10
TRACK 3 Warmin’ Up (various blues progressions) full performance, 5:52
TRACK 4 Warmin’ Up (various blues progressions) Play-along, 5:52
TRACK 5 Blues For Flo (Bird Blues) full performance, 3:18
TRACK 6 Blues For Flo (Bird Blues) Play-along, 3:18
TRACK 7 Even Steven (Shuffle) full performance, 4:26
TRACK 8 Even Steven (Shuffle) Play-along, 4:26
TRACK 9 Even Steven (12/8 Feel) full performance, 3:52
TRACK 10 Even Steven (12/8 Feel), Play-along, 3:52
TRACK 11 It’s Marvin (Fast Rock) full performance, 2:52
TRACK 12 It’s Marvin (Fast Rock), Play-along, 2:52
TRACK 13 Minor Matters (Minor Blues) full performance, 3:02
TRACK 14 Minor Matters (Minor Blues), Play-along, 3:02

All songs © EJaM Music 2006, (ASCAP) used by permission in Saxophone Journal