JulyAug 2006 , Volume 30, No. 6
Pete Christlieb, Richie Cannata, Stephen Pollock
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JulyAug 2006

The Saxophone Quartet
by Susan Fancher
"Burton Beerman's Tivah For Sax Quartet"

Creative Teaching Techniques
by Steve Mauk
"Pal Key Hand Position"

The Sax Doctor
by Emilio Lyons
"My Soprano G# Plays Out Of Tune"
"Getting Your Saxophone Swab Unstuck"
"Keeping Small Screws From Coming Loose"

Music Orientation For The Modern Saxophonist
by Paul Haar

A Lesson With John Sampen
by Greg Banaszak

Creative Jazz Improvisation
by David Pope
"Using Altered Notes In Blues"

Rock 'n Roll Saxophone
by Andrew Clark
"Rock 'n Roll Sax In Sweden: Part II "

New Saxophone Publications
by David Demsey
"Sonata For alto Sax & Piano by Kilstofte"
"The Blues Scales" Essential Tools... by Greenblatt"

Essential Elements In Music Performance
by Gunnar Mossblad
"Developing A Strong Metric Feel, Part I"

Review of Jazz & Blues
by David Gibson (Editorial)
"Jazz & Blues Billboard book (ISBN 0-8230-8266-0) "
Paul Wagner's Reviews
Saxophone Contrasts
Al Gallodoro
A Concert In The Park
Lynne Greenwood

Billy Kerr's Reviews
Something Like Now
Rick Margetza
I Is Memory
Yannick Rieu
Tenor 12
Alex Razdan

Frank Bongiorno's Reviews
Sandan Shuffle
Virginia Mayhew
Modern Mythology
Anton Harris

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Sight Reading In A Jazz Style
Masterclass Play-Along CD

by Brian Kane
Masterclass Play-Along CD By Brian Kane Bb Parts
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The ability to sight read is one of the most important skills that musicians can develop. But sight reading is far more than executing correct notes and rhythms. Experienced musicians learn to read beyond the notes and habitually add stylistic and interpretive nuance. Excellent sight reading skills result from a series of cumulative positive habits that all musicians, regardless of experience can develop. This master class will highlight the habits that lead to excellent sight reading and examine the pitfalls and challenges along the way. These ideas will be illustrated though a series of etudes that I hope will challenge both beginning and advanced readers.
Sight Reading In A Jazz Swing Style
CD tracks
1. Tuning Notes Bb and A Concert
2. Intro
3. The Rules
4. The Approach
5. Etude 1 introduction
6. Etude 1 Blues Articulations (demo only)
7. Etude 1 full performance
8. Etude 1 play-along
9. Etude 2 introduction
10. Etude 2 Rhythm Changes Articulations (demo only)
11. Etude 2 full performance
12. Etude 2 play-along
13. Etude 3 introduction
14. Etude 3 Sunny Side Etude Articulations (demo only)
15. Etude 3 full performance
16. Etude 3 play-along
17. Etude 4 introduction
18. Etude 4 Broadway Etude Articulations (demo only)
19. Etude 4 full performance
20. Etude 4 play-along
21. Etude 5 introduction
22. Etude 5 Slow Syncopation (demo only)
23. Etude 5 Fast Syncopation (demo only)
24. Etude 5 Slow Syncopation play-along
25. Etude 5 Fast Syncopation play-along