January/February 2013, Volume 37, No. 3
Chris Kelsey, David McMurray, Ken Radnofsky
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January/February 2013

by David J. Gibson
We welcome the dedicated saxophonist and teacher, Miles Osland, to Saxophone Journal with a planned series of DVD video masterclasses covering saxophone playing, and the art of teaching (under the heading of “Saxophone Methods With Miles Osland”). Part I of this series begins this issue and is subtitled “Beginning To Medium Level Concept.”

Creative Jazz Improvisation
by David Pope
Jazz Improvisation & The Unapologetic Introvert

New Saxophone Publications
by David Demsey
A Cool Approach To Jazz Theory (book/CD set)
by Erica von Kleist
Sonate For Alto Saxophone And Piano
by Timothy Hayward

Creative Teaching Techniques
by Steve Mauk
Supplemental Scale Studies
Modal Scales, Jazz Scales, Pentatonic Scales, Whole-Tone Scales

Repair Demystified
by Curt Altarac
A Practical Application Of Neck Re-Tapering

Rock 'n Roll Saxophone
by Andrew Clark
Concepts For A One-Chorus Solo

The Mark VI Saxophone Mistique
by Steve "Saxgourmet" Goodson
The Selmer Mark VI Saxophone 1954-1974
Part I

A Lesson With Steve Duke
by Greg Banaszak
Part I Of A 2-Part Series Of Lessons
With Steve Duke

The Saxophone Quartet
by Susan Fancher
A Look At Elysian Bridges For Sax Quartet
By Anthony Lennon

Writing Down Musicality
by David Babich
Over time I came to realize that more often than not, what you see on the page is not what you (should) get. If you really listen to any world-renown musician, there are slight inflections that really bring the music alive. Sure, they are following the markings the composer or editor left for them but there’s really much more to be done.
This is where my teachers came in.

Billy Kerr's Reviews
I Carry Your Heart
Pat LaBarbara
Eric Alexander
Casting For Gravity

Donny MCaslin

Frank Bongiorno's Reviews
The Height
Gian Tornatore

Frank Martin & The Saxophone
Arno Bornkamp

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Saxophone Methods
With Miles Osland
Beginning To
Medium Level Concepts

by Miles Osland
(A DVD Video Masterclass)

Saxophone Journal Masterclass
Video Topics

The material in this DVD masterclass video discusses Beginning To Medium Level Concepts in the following order:

• Introduction (Video #1 on the DVD)
• Between Or Not Between – That Is The Quandary
(Video #2)
• Neckstrap Position (Video #3)
• The “OOO” Embouchure/Muscle Description (Video #4)
• Jazz v. Classical Embouchure (Video #5)
• Mouthpiece Blowing/Pitches & Correct Embouchure Pressure (Video #6)
• The G “Squonk” And The “Lay” Of A Mouthpiece
(Video #7)
• Slurring Down To D or G & Getting An Overtone
(Video #8)
• The “HEE” Position – Correct Tongue Position
& Technique (Video #9)
• HEE, DEE, TEE, & TEET Articulation Examples
(Video #10)
• Jazz vs. Legit Articulation (Video #11)
• Vibrato Information & Exercises (Video #12)
USER NOTE: There are 12 individual videos on this DVD. They can be played in any rotation by selecting a track individually on your DVD player, and pressing the play button to begin each video.