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• Volume 19, No. 2 $15.00 - A Disciplined Practice Routine Masterclass CD by Timothy Roberts/Hamiet Bluiett/Dieter Patzold/Slide Sax II-Vintage Saxophones/Music Notation Software/David Liebman’s Personal Nature of Recording/Vibrato Development/A Private Lesson with Don Sinta/Muczynski’s Sonata for Alto Sax & Piano/Playing Jazz Across The Barline/Lenny Pickett’s Rock ‘n Roll Doubling, Part III/Phil Woods’ Reflections in E-Flat
• Volume 19, No. 3 $15.00 - Scale Studies For Improvisation CD by Tony Dagradi/Gunter Priesner/Ken Peplowski/The Exhibition Honoring The150th Aniversay Of C.G. Conn’s Birth/A Private Lesson with Greg Yasinitsky/Tips On Doubling-The Other Flutes/Commissioning And Funding New Works/Phil Woods’ Reflections In E-Flat/Kinesthesis For The Improvising Jazz Musician/Eugene Bozza’s Improvisation and Caprice/Idiosyncrasies Of Tuning The Sax Quartet/Materials Used For Making Mouthpieces/Electronic Wind Instrument Doubling/Reed Maintenance, Part I
• Volume 19, No. 4 $15.00 - Saxophone Journal Jazz Sampler CD by Various Jazz Artists/Tedd Griepentrog/Bobby Watson/The Slide Sax III, Vintage Saxophones/David Liebman’s Nature Of Studio Recording/Claude Delangle’s Adolphe Sax Quartet/Andrew Clark’s Philosophy of Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone/Improve Your Intonation/Being A Club Owner To Jazz Artists/The End Of Culture And The Rise Of The New Mediocrity/A Private Lesson with Mel Martin/More “Materials Used In Making Mouthpieces/Phil Woods’ “Bus Tour 101 Road-Rats Class”/Reed Maintenance, Part II
• Volume 19, No. 5 $15.00 - Al Gallodoro Masterclass CD by Al Gallodoro & Dale Underwood/Jerome Richardson/Remi Menard/Holton And The Rudy Wiedoeft Model Sax/A Private Lesson With Charles McPherson/Rock ‘n Roll Exercises To Add To Your Practice Routine/The Tower Sax Quartet/The Composition-Performance Cycle/Love At First Byte-Phil Woods/Working As A Full-Time Musician/Altissimo Development-The Overtone Series/Does The Material Used Make Any Difference in How Mouthpieces Play?/Interview With English Mouthpiece Maker Freddie Gregory
• Volume 19, No. 6 $15.00 - Mel Martin Masterclass CD by Mel Martin/Eddie Daniels/ Marvin Eckroth/Jim Gebler’s Custom Sax/Altissimo Development/Colorize Your Jazz Solos/E. Rousseau & Career Management/Secret Weapon For Low Notes/Dave Liebman on Studio Recording/Private Lesson With Richie Cannata/New Directions For Commissioning Sax Music/Maintaining Your Yamaha Wind Controller/Chant Of The Reed By Phil Woods
• Volume 20, No. 1 $15.00 - Multiphonics For Jazz Masterclass CD by David Pope/Jane Bunnett/Lawrence Gwozdz/Babe Ruth And The Saxophone & The Rudy Wiedoeft Saxophones/Ron Holloway on Career Management/Emilio Lyons Goes To New York/Chris Vadala On Double Reed Playing/Alliance Of New Music Theatre Of Washington, D.C./Programming A Synth With A Wind Controller, Pt. I/Heiden’s Sonata For Saxophone Analysis/Private Lesson With Greg Abate/Remedies For An Unstable Low Register/Reflections In E-Flat (Harvey Larose) By Phil Woods
• Volume 20, No. 2 $15.00 - Saxophone Vibrato Masterclass CD by Frank Bongiorno/Pharoah Sanders/Jean-Yves Fourmeau/Programming A Synth With A Wind Controller, Pt. I/A Vintage Sax Conn Primer/Between A Rock And A Hard Place: The Sax In College/My Most Memorable Recordings By Dave Liebman/Private Lesson With Timothy Roberts/Refining Your Technique Via Alternate Fingerings/Playing The Blues In Rock ‘n Roll/Avoiding Old “Familiar” Jazz Licks/Developing Your Tone/Reflections In E-Flat (Oliver Nelson) By Phil Woods/Kim Richmond on Publicity & Touring/Rehearsing The Sax Quartet
• Volume 20, No. 3 $8.95 - (CD not available, just the magazine) Expressive Techniques Masterclass CD by David Liebman/Doug Masek/Virginia Mayhew/Questions For Emilio Lyons/Little Brothers Of The Sax/Vintage Saxes/A Lesson With Robert Black/Reflections In Eb-Phil Woods/Learning How To Practice/Tips On Doubling/The Oboe/Ramon Ricker on Career Management/Memorizing Jazz Tunes/The San Francisco Sax Quartet/Vivace Personal Accompanist System/Preparing For The Private Lesson/Grady Gaines: Texas Tenor/The Meyer Sax Mouthpiece/Developing Sax Articulation
• Volume 20, No. 5 Glazounov’s Concerto Masterclass CD by Steve Mauk. Magazines are out of print but masterclass and CD is available for $10.00
• Volume 20, No. 6 (May/June 1996) $15.00 - Jazz Duets Masterclass CD by Greg Yasinitsky/Kadri Gopalnath/Don Braden/Smallest Of The Small: The Curved Sopranino/Career Management/Emile De Cosmo/More On Touring Overseas by David Liebman/The Tonal Concept: Listen!/New Century Sax Quartet/Saxophonists Serenade President Clinton/Playing Both Sides Of The Fence: Classical & Jazz Saxophone, II/The Slough Of Despond: The Disheartening Fate Of Tenor & Baritone Saxophonists/A Private Lesson With Tim Price/Jammer Professional Windows Software/Playing On Altered Dominants, Pt.
• Volume 20, No. 6 (July/August 1996) $15.00 - Baroque Ornamentation Masterclass CD by Eric Nestler/SueTerry/Joseph Wytko/The Low A Baritone, PT. I/Tips On Doubling “Method Books”/Note Sculpting In Jazz Improvisation/The Sax Doctor Takes Reader Questions/Bob Ackerman & Career Management/The Saxology Sax Quartet/A Lesson In Music Memorization/A Private Lesson With Ken Radnofsky “Grace Notes”/Reflections In Eb (Phil Woods)/The Tonal Concept: Playing & Evaluating/Villa-Lobo’s Fantasia For Soprano Sax/The Selmer Factory In Nantes, France
• Volume 21, No. 2 (Nov/Dec 1996) $15.00 - Classical Sampler CD Featuring Classical Sax Soloists/George Coleman/James Forger/Return Of The Sopranissimo & The King Curved Soprano/Preparing For The 51st Concours International ‘d Execution with Russ Peterson/The Prism Sax Quartet/Steve Mauk’s Recitalist’s Checklist, PT. I/A Private Lesson With Gary Keller/Tips On Doubling “Expect The Unexpected”/Basic Sax Skills: Is Practice Enough?/Sequencing With A Saxophone/Confessions of A Curmudgeon By Phil Woods/Three Concepts For Playing The Blues/Building Your Own Web Site On The Internet by Mel Martin
• Volume 21, No. 3 (Jan/Feb 1997) $15.00 - Dennis DiBlasio Masterclass CD titled Getting Creative With The Basics Of Jazz Improvisation/Front Cover Interviews: Craig Handy & Paul Bro/Producing Your Own CD/Vintage Saxophones Revisited-Balanced Action Selmer Saxophones/Phil Woods “Come On There’s A Trick To It Isn’t There?/It’s Time To Fix The Leak/Dave Liebman & Curt Sipe PART I “Scales, Articulation, Listening & Imitation”/The Saxtango Sax Quartet/Steve Mauk’s Recitalist’s Checklist-Part II/Andrew Clark’s Experiences With Amplification/Building Your Own Website-Part II/Using Technology To Become A Better Listener/Interpreting Darius Milhaud’s Scaramouche-Part I/Trill Performance Practice-Part II
• Volume 21, No. 5 (May/June 1997) $15.00 - Reading & Soloing Jazz In Odd Meters-Masterclass CD/Front Covers Interviews: Joe Temperley & James Rotter’Emilio Lyons Takes Questions From Readers/Vintage Saxophones Revisited: The Contrabass Sax Part I/Phil Woods’ Return Of The Curmudgeon/Common Repair Problems On The Road: Gary Byndas/Developing Freedom In Jazz Improvisation/Concepts For Play A Minor Blues: Rock ‘n Roll Sax/A Basic Warm-Up Routine-Part I/The Laurier Sax Quartet/A Private Lesson With Paul Evoskevich/Interpretating Darius Milhaud’s Scaramouche-Part II/Lee Patrick: Mark Alan Taggart: The Man And His Saxophone Music
• Volume 22, No. 6 (July/Aug 1997) $15.00 - John Anthony Lennon’s Distances Within Me Masterclass CD by Steven Mauk/Front Cover Interviews: Tommy Smith & Steven Jordheim/A Private Lesson With Al Regni/Chris Vadala: Questions From Troubled Doublers’/Vintage Saxophones Revisited: The Contrabass Sax Part II/Phil Woods-Block That Riff/Dale Underwood Retires From The U.S. Navy Band/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone: Bending-Circular Breathing-False Fingerings-Flutter Tonguing-Ghosting-Growing-Multiphonics-Slap Tonguing/Andrew White: Fond Memories Of My Dear Friend Julius Hemphill/Stan Garber: The Selmer Sopranino, Bass, & All-New Selmer AS 100 Alto Sax/An Improvisational Approach To Jazz Melodies/Building A Better Sax/The Sax Mouthipece: Ralph Morgan-Sax Intonation Problems/Paul Brodie Tours Russia
• Volume 22, No. 1 (Sept/Oct 1997) $15.00 - John Paulson Minor Blues Workout Masterclass CD/Front Cover Interviews: Clarence Clemons & James Umble/Vintage Saxophones Revisited: Billy True’s One Man Sax Band/Phil Woods on “Firsts”/The Saxophone Mouthpiece: Ralph Morgan-Lest We Forget The Doubler/Rick Van Matre On Versatility-College Training-Getting It Together/Our Brother In Arms The Trumpet/Agony And Ecstasy: Chamber Music For Youngsters by Lee Patrick/Rollin’ Phones Sax Quartet/A Basic Warm-Up Routine-Part II/Dave Liebman & Curt Sipes Part II: Sound-Breathing-Physical Warm-Up/A Master Lesson On Ryo Noda’s Improvisation/A Private Lesson With Pete Yellin/Letters From Glazounov: The Sax Concerto Years by Andre Sobchenko
• Volume 22, No. 2 (Nov/Dec 1997) $15.00 - Saxophone Quartet Samper CD/Front Cover Interviews: Daniel Rubinoff & Lily White/Jimmy Greene on The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Competition/Vintage Saxophones Revisited: Lyon & Healy And The Veil of Stencil Saxophones/Using MIDI In The Applied Studio/Phil Woods: Easy Reader-Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians/Chris Vadala: More Questions From Troubled Doublers/Preparing For The College Audition-Part I/Altissimo For Jazz Improvisation/The Works Of John Coltrane: Vol 13, 56 New Coltrane Solos/Keeping The Sax Quartet In Tune/L.A. SAX: Birth & Development Of The Straight Tenor/Miles Osland: Flexibility With Multiple Fingerings For Sax/A Private Lesson With Andrew White
• Volume 22, No. 3 (Jan/Feb 1998) $15.00 - Classical Improvisation Masterclass CD by George Wolfe/Front Cover Interviews: Ronal Reuben & James Moody/Vintage Saxophones Revisited: The Six Brown Brothers-Part I/Dave Liebman & Curt Sipes Part III: SBeginning Basic Pedagogical Stances To Get A Student On The Right Path/Phil Woods: Show Me The Music/Preparing For The College Audition-Part II/A Private Lesson With Scott Plugge/Avoiding ‘Wrong Notes” In Jazz Improvisation/Denis DiBlasio: Getting Started In Jazz/The Other Octave Keys/Band-in-a-Box & Soloist Software From PG Music/Andrew Clark’s Tips For The Recording Studio/Building Your Own Web Site-Part IV/Miles Osland: Phrasing Across The Beat-Part I
• Volume 22, No 4 (Mar/Apr 1998) $15.00 - James Houlik Masterclass CD: Observations, Insights & Suggestions To Playing Saxophone/Front Cover Interviews: Jan Steele & Benny Waters/Vintage Saxophones Revisited: The Six Brown Brothers-Part II/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone: Altissimo Fingerings/Ken Field & His Layered Saxophones/Tips On Doubling: Piccolo & Clarinet/Andrew White: Richard O. White My Oboe Teacher/The Upper Cell Of Harmonic Minor In Jazz Improvisation/Basic Sax Skills For Beginners/Phil Woods: Near A Wishing Well/Steven Mauk: The Saxophonist’s Survival Kit/Miles Osland: Phrasing Across The Beat-Part II/A Private Lesson With James Rotter/Jerry Bergonzi: The Music Business/Sax Intonation Tendencies-Part I
• Volume 22, No. 6 (July/Aug 1998) $15.00 - Saxophone Journal Jazz & Classical Sax Samper CD/Front Cover Interviews: Richard Elliot & David Pituch/Kings All: Saxophones By The N.H. White Company/Musition Music Theory Software/Lee Patrick: Short Term Memory/Fourths In Jazz Improvisation/Tone Production & Tone Quality/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone: Old School Honkin’ In Ab/The Kentucky Sax Quartet/A Private Lesson With Ken Fisher/Charles Young: Career Management/Phil Woods: Hootie’s Cruise II/Miles Osland: Phrasing Across The Beat-Part III/The Dirty Little Secret About Reeds
• Volume 23, No 1 (Sept/Oct 1998) $15.00 - Bob Ackerman Masterclass CD: The Great Horns Of America/Front Cover Interviews: Maria Luzardo & Kim Richmond/Kings All: Voll-Trues. Zephyrs, Super 20s/Paul Brodie Tours Argentina/A Master Lesson: Walter Hartley’s Duo For Alto Sax & Piano/A Private Lesson With Trent Kynaston/The Royal Sax Quartet/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone:Getting Along With The Guitar-Part I/Basic Sax Repair Tips-Part I From Frank Bongiorno
• Volume 23, No 3 (Jan/Feb 1999) $15.00 - Steven Mauk Masterclass CD On Darius Milhaud’s Scaramouche/Front Cover Interviews: Bud Shank & Jamal Rossi/Vintage Saxophones: Pro Horns Or Quaint Relics?/Bud Shank’s Alto Solo on Bud’s Theme/Music Technology Resources: 8 How-To Books/A Lesson With Kenny Anderson/Perfect Pitch: Do You Really Wish You Had It?/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone:Getting Along With The Guitar-Part II/Tone Development For The Jazz Saxophonists/Andrew White: Momma Say, ‘Git It Right The First Time’/Extremes: The Lower Register/Basic Sax Repair Tips-Part II From Frank Bongiorno/David Liebman: My Journey With The Soprano Sax/Bud Freeman’s Last Interview
• Volume 23 No. 4 (Mar/Apr 1999) $15.00 - Saxophone Journal Play-Along CD: Featuring Greg Banaszak (Double Vision, Double Edge, Solar Chariots) & Timothy Roberts (Iberian Sketches-Tenor Sax)/Front Cover Interviews: Debra Richtmeyer & Jim Snidero/Vintage Saxes: Pro Horns Or Quaint Relics-II/A Private Lesson With Mike DiRubbo/Tips On Doubling By Chris Vadala/The Minor ii/V Progression In Jazz/Career Management: Today’s Saxophonist Joe Murphy
• Volume 23 No. 5 (May/June 1999) $15.00 - Front Cover: Lennie Niehaus/William Moolenbeek/Sax Journal Sampler CD-Guest Artists/Bert Wilson’s Saxophone Multiphonics: A Guide To Their Practical Application By Boyd Phelps/Building An Effective Practice Routine by David Pope/Stan Getz Media Center Dedicated At Berklee College of Music/Fine Tuning Your Sax Technique by Frank Bongiorno/Vintage Saxophones Revisited: Edward A. Lefebre 19th Century Saxophonist/Emilio Lyons On The G# Mechanism/New Dimensions In Jazz: 4-Note Articulation Cells Part I/Rock ‘n Roll Sax: Swing Is Back/Phil Rovner: Sound Technology/Coda’s SmartMusicTM Studio Software/John Worley: Music Teacher, Composer, Saxophonist
• Volume 23 No. 6 (July/Aug 1999) $15.00 - Front Cover: The American Sax Quartet/Saxophone Quartet Play-Along CD/Rascher Saxophone Quartet/Vintage Saxophones Revisited: Edward A. Lefebre, Part II/A CD Story Part I By Andrew Clark/Altissimo Fingerings Part I: Frank Bongiorno/Colors In Sound: Vibrato/Playing In The Sax Section With David Pope/Dental Care For Saxophonists: Dr. Kent Nicklas
• Volume 24 No. 1 (Sept/Oct 1999) $15.00 - Front Cover: Michael Brockman & David Woodford/ Rock Sax Masterclass CD By Andrew Clark/Al Gallodoro Visits Emilio Lyons/A Lesson With Mike Lee/Jazz Articulation: 4-Note Articulation Cells Part II/Chris Vadala Tips On Doubling/The Covered C# Fingering/The Augmented Scale In Jazz By David Pope
• Volume 24 No. 2 (Nov/Dec 1999) $15.00 - Front Cover: Ken Radnofsky & Rick Margitza/Saxophone Double Tongue Masterclass CD By Dr. Keith R. Young/The Tenor’s Troublesome G/Playing Jazz Using Drone Backgrounds/A CD Story Part II By Andrew Clark/Palm Key Alterations By Emilio Lyons/Pursuing Your Dream: As A Professional Musician-Laura Dreyer/College Prep: Sax Lessons With Alan Neveu On CD-ROM/You’re Never To Old To Play Sax Part I/David Liebman: The Critic Dilemma/Ron Diehl’s • Thoughts About The Music Industry/A Lesson With Ted Nash/Can John Coltrane Survive The Academy
• Volume 24 No. 3 (Jan/Feb 2000) $15.00 - Front Cover: Maceo Parker & Bill Perconti/Saxophone Journal Sampler CD-Guest Artists/Saxophone Vs. Orchestra In Doubling-Chris Vadala/Jean-Paul Gauvin & Jean-Marie Paul Of Vandoren Reeds/A CD Story Part III By Andrew Clark/Bis Bb With A Twist/Deciphering Complex Changes In Jazz-David Pope/A Jazz Saxophonist’s Venture Into The Orchestral World-Dr. Michael J. Rossi/Mouthpiece Mouth Stains, Gold-Plating A Sax, Repairing Saxes-Emilio Lyons/A Lesson With Charles Pillow/Altissimo Fingerings Part II-Frank Bongiorno/The Saxophone In China-Li Yusheng/The Saxophone Music Of Dana Wilson/Andrew White With The Six Winds: 3 Jazz Parodies
• Volume 24 No. 4 (March/April 2000) $15.00 - Front Cover: Bert Wilson & James Noyes/MIDI Wind Controller Sampler & Play-Along CD By Bob Johnson/A Lesson With Susan Fancher/Discoloration Of Pearls, Key Flutter Noise-Emilio Lyons/The Sax Redefined: Henry Brant Composer-Paul Cohen/Altissimo Fingerings Part III-Frank Bongiorno/Taking A Closer Look At Stereotypes In The Music World-Laura Dreyer/Finale 2000 or PrintMusic-Michael Jacobson/In Memoriam: Grover Washington, Jr.
• Volume 24 No. 5 (May/June 2000) $15.00 - Front Cover: Paul Brodie & Jane Ira Bloom/The Tenor Sax Mouthpiece: 16 Vintage Mouthpieces Masterclass CD By Bob Ackerman/Altissimo Fingerings Part IV-Frank Bongiorno/Comparing Saxes, Low E Post, Gold-Plating A Flute Lip Plate, Sealing Pads-Emilio Lyons/The Saxophone Redefined: Percy Grainger-Paul Cohen/The Less Experienced Doubler-Chris Vadala/Scale Syllabus For Common Chord Progressions In Rock, Part I (Major)-Andrew Clark/You’re Never Too Old To Play Sax Part II/Selmer Paris & Mantes: Factory Tour
• Volume 24 No. 6 (July/Aug 2000) $15.00 - Front Cover: Dana Colley, Jane Bunnett, Michael Hester/Sax Solos With MIDI Accompaniment Masterclass Play-Along CD by John Paulson/Adventures With Demo Tapes-Laura Dreyer/Sax Rhythm Technique-Paul Haar/Andrew White & The Hocus Pocus/James Houlik: Career Management/The Saxophone At Juilliard/Complete Key Adjustment Guide-Emilio Lyons/Mastering Quarter Note Triplets-Steve Mauk/A Lesson With David Pope/Sax Quartet Repertoire-Susan Fancher/Rebirth Of The Soprano: Percy Grainger By Paul Cohen/ Scale Syllabus For Common Chord Progressions In Rock, Part II (Minor)
• Volume 25 No. 1 (Sept/Oct 2000) $15.00 - Front Cover: Andy Snitzer, Susan Fancher, Brandon Fields/Paul Haar Saxophone Masterclass CD: Tone Color, Dynamics, Musical Line/Emilio’s Tenor & Baritone Key Heights/Soprillo & Tubax: New Saxes/Musical Techs For The Jazz Combo/Career Management: Larry Panella/Altissimo Fingerings, Part V/Rock Chord Scale Syllabus I/Lesson With Walt Weiskopf/Darlene Nevins Interview
Volume 25 No. 2 (Nov/Dec 2000) $15.00 - Front Cover: Lynn Klock, Jim Mair, Joe Sublett/Marvin Eckroth Masterclass CD: Tone Production Considerations/Mauk’s Extensive Sax Etude Book List/Career Management: Otis Murphy/Emilio’s Soprano Key Heights/Rock Chord Scale Syllabus II/Sax Music Of Charles Loeffler Part I/Incorporating More Rhythm/Altissimo Fingerings, Part VI/Lesson With Dan Rubinoff/Sax Quartet Concert Programming/Past-Present-Future: The Pro Saxophonist/Bob Ackerman: Sax Reed Shaping & Adjusting
• Volume 25 No. 3 (Jan/Feb 2001) $15.00 - Front Cover: Dave Pietro, Jeff Hackworth, Phil Sobel/Darryl Brenzel’s Masterclass CD: Playing Outside The Changes/Breaking Rhythm Barriers/Lesson With Gerard McChrystal/Tackling The Glazounov Sax Quartet/Your CD Collection Reflects You/The Sax Music Of Charles Loeffler (Chamber Works)/Making Bass Sax Pads/Career Management: Marie-Bernadette Charrier
• Volume 26 No. 2 (Nov/Dec 2001) $15.00 - Front Cover: Clifford Leaman/Greg Abate/Angelo Moore/Suite Hebraique No. 4 Masterclass CD by Daniel Rubinoff/Emilio Lyons’ Emergency Repair Tool Guide/Hand Position And Good Technique: The Left Hand by Frank Bongiorno/24 Solos Of J.S. Bach & The Music Of Bob Mintzer/Steve Mauk’s 4 Steps To Musical Maturity/Career Music: Thomas Krenzel-Doggett/Paul Haar: Searching For Our Heroes/South African Jazz Saxophonists Part I
• Volume 26 No. 3 (Jan/Feb 2002) $15.00 - Front Cover: Richie Cole/Baron Raymonde/Keith Zimmerman/Andy Middleton Improvising Over Difficult & Unusual Chord Changes Masterclass CD/Emilio Lyons Using A Leak Light To Check Pads/Three Jazz Settings-Ricker & An Unsung Cat: The Life And Music Of Warne Marsh/The Professional Saxophonists: Choosing The Right Teacher/David Pope’s Alternate Fingerings For Jazz Improvisation/Career Management: Jeff Rupert/The Sax Quartet: Music For Young Quartets/Using Key Clicks: Paul Haar
• Volume 26, No. 5 (May/June 2002) $15.00 - Front Cover: Marcel Mule (Marcel Mule’s last interview April 18, 1990) & Sigurd Rascher Tribute/The East Coast Sax Quartet Play-Along CD/Franco Donatoni’s Rasch For Sax Quartet analysis by Susan Fancher/Replacing Your Neck Cork by Emilio Lyons/A Sax Tribute To Composer Walter Hartley/A Private Lesson With Marcel Mule by Marshall Taylor/Accents: An Expressive Tool by Paul Haar/New Publications: The Biograhpical Encyclopedia of Jazz, Tunes You Thought You Knew/Altissimo, Part I (Rascher’s Top Tones book and Ted Nash’s Studies in High Harmonics book)
• Volume 26, No. 6 (July/Aug 2002) $15.00 - Front Cover: Audrey Cupples, Dave Koz, Gary Keller/Duo/Trio Masterclass Play-Along CD (flute and tenor) by Bob Ackerman/New Publications: Sax Masterclass by Michael Hester, Grove’s Dictionary of Jazz (2nd ed.)/Hand Position & Good Technique: The RightHand/The Saxophonist’s Personality Profile by Laura Dreyer/Repairing Your Sax “Artist In Residence” at Berklee College of Music (Emilio Lyons)/Altissimo, Part II (Rosemary Lang’s Beginning Studies In The Altissimo Register, Dr. Eugene Rousseau’s Saxophone High Tones
• Volume 27, No. 1 (Sept/Oct 2002) $15.00 - Front Cover: Mike Tracy, Skerik, Wayne Tice/How To Play Pop & R&B Smooth Jazz Play-Along CD by Eric Morones/Rock ‘n Roll Gunslinger “Have Sax Will Travel” by Dave Woody Woodford/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone “The Big Apple Circus Band by Andrew Clark/Repairing Your Sax “Tricks To Gluing Cork” by Emilio Lyons/New Saxophone Publications “An Introduction to South Indian Music, Kind Of Blue Miles Davis Masterpiece” by Dave Demsey/Overcoming Bells Palsy Part I by Gunnar Mossblad/Creative Jazz Improvisation “Tritone Sequences” by David Pope/The Saxophone Quartet “Tips On Organizing A Quartet Part I” by Susan Fancher/Sax Performance Techniques “Palm Key Alternatives” by Frank Bongiorno/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 27, No. 2 (Nov/Dec 2002) $15.00 - Front Cover: Ron Kerber/Andreas van Zoelen/Bill Trujillo/Bebop Basics Play-Along CD by John Paulson/A Lesson With Angela Space by Greg Banaszak/Repairing Your Saxophone “Instrument Repair Schools” by Emilio Lyons/Rock ‘n Roll Gunslinger “Have Sax Will Travel” by Dave Woody Woodford/New Sax Publications by Dave Demsey/From The Front Lines “Thoughts From L.A.” by Eric Morones/The Saxophone Quartet “Tips On Organizing A Quartet Part II” by Susan Fancher/The Professional Saxophonist “Finding Your Voice” by Laura Dreyer/Creative Teaching Techniques “Teaching Performance Skills” by Steve Mauk/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 27, No. 3 (Jan/Feb 2003) $15.00 - Front Cover: Hank Crawford, Lisa Osland, Andrew Clark/Bob Johnson Funkdawgs “Funky Jazz” Play-Along CD by Bob Johnson/The Sax Quartet “A Discussion With William Karlins” by Susan Fancher/A Lesson With Johnathan Ball by Greg Banaszak/Rock ‘n Roll Gunslinger “Cornel Dupree, Stuff & Whit It is” by Dave Woody Woodford/Creative Jazz Improvisation “Diatonia Patterns With Neighbor Tones” by David Pope/Altissimo: Comparing Altissimo Books Part III “Dr. Lacey’s Saxophone Altissimo: High Note Development for the Contemporary Player, Don Sinta & Dr. Denise Dabney’s Voicing” by Jason Adams/Learning To Swing “The Bebop Offbeat Articulatin” by Paul Haar/New Sax Publications by David Demsey/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 27, No. 4 (March/April 2003) $15.00 - Front Cover: Michael Lington, William Graves, Dave Schiavone/Sheddin’: Major & Minor Masterclass Play-Along CD by Miles Osland/The Saxophone Quartet “Combining The Sax Quartet With Other Instruments” by susan Fancher/Creative Teaching Techniques “Teaching Students: Attention To Details” by Steve Mauk/New Sax Publications by David Demsey/Creative Jazz Improvisation “Get A Gig Keep A Gig” by David Pope/Repairing Your Saxophone “Gig Bag Zippers & Lacquer Refinishing” by Emilio Lyons/The Professional Saxophonist “Does College Prepare You For The Real World” (A discussion with 6 saxophonists) by Laura Dreyer/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone “Singing, Singers And The Saxophone” by Andrew Clark/Mouthpieces: That’s What We Crave by Bob Ackerman/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 27, No. 5 (May/June 2003) $15.00 - Front Cover: Jay Easton, Chops Horns Daryl Nixon & Dave Watson, David Fathead Newman/Music For Layered Saxophones Play-Along CD by Ken Field/New Saxophone Publications by David Demsey/Repairing Your Saxophone “New Coated Pads & Long Rods Inside Extended Keys” by Emilio Lyons/The Saxophone Quartet “David Kechley’s Stepping Out (SATB) Quartet by Susan Fancher/Rock ‘n Roll Gunslinger “Playing In Tune & Dabbling In Jazz With Ben Sidran” by Dave Woody Woodford/From The Front Lines “How To Become A Studio Musician” by Eric Morones/Psychology & The Saxophone “Reading Music” by Ryan Fraser/Freezing Your Saxophone “The Scoop On Cryogenic Treatment” by Tom Weidle/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone “Opportunity vs. Responsibility” by Andrew Clark/Herb Geller In Los Angeles by Roy Skolion/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 27, No. 6 (July/August 2003) $15.00 - Front Cover: Eugene Rousseau, Miles Osland, Mando Dorame/Jamband Play-Along CD by Darcy Hepner/Rock “n Roll Gunslinger “My First A+ Gig In Los Angeles” by Dave Woody Woodford/The Professional Saxophonist “A Guide To Self-Promotion” by Laura Dreyer/Creative Jazz Improvisation “Capturing The Essence” by David Pope/Fix My Saxophones “5 Tips For Improvising Young Saxophonists” by Paul Haar/The Saxophone Quartet “Your Quartet’s Library” by Susan Fancher/Repairing Your Saxophone “High E-flat Key Pat & Fixing Loose Screws” by Emilio Lyons/Saxophone Mouthpieces Part I “The Big Picture” by Gunnar Mossblad/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone “Is The Blues Dead” by Andrew Clark/New Sax Publications by David Demsey/New Music And The Saxophone “Canto IV by Sam Adler” by Christopher Greco/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 28, No. 1 (September/October 2003) $15.00 - Front Cover: Tim McAllister, Warren Hill, John Surman/Accompanying A Singer Masterclass Play-Along CD by Sheila Cooper/Reparing A Saxophone “Oiling Your Clarinet & What Pads To Use For Your Flute” by Emilio Lyons/New Sax Publications by David Demsey/Tacking Problem Passages “Isolate The Problem Create Patterns” by Paul Haar/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophones “Strategies: The Freelance Saxophonist” by Andrew Clark/Career Management “Jon Gordon” by Greg Banaszak/Creative Teaching Techniques “Saxophone Housekeeping” by Steve Mauk/Saxophone Mouthpieces Part II “Selecting & Trying Mouthpieces” by Gunnar Mossblad/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 28, No. 2 (November/December 2003) $15.00 - Front Cover: Tom Scott, Antonio Hart, Masahiro Maeda/Saxophone & Organ Masterclass Play-Along CD by Daniel Rubinoff/Repairing Your Saxophone “Building Up Palm Keys & Tuning High C# on Soprano” by Emilio Lyons/Rock ‘n Roll Gunslinger “Tone, Melody & Jimmy Barnes” by Dave Woody Woodford/The Professional Saxophonist “Jazz Improvisation & Comedy Improvisation Parallels” by Laura Dreyer/New Sax Publications by David Demsey/From The Front Lines “Personal Stories From L.A.” by Eric Morones/The Saxophone Orchestra “Starting A Large Sax Ensemble” by Jay Easton/The Saxophone Quartet “Sax Music of Perry Goldstein” by Susan Fancher/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 28, No. 3 (January/February 2004) $15.00 - Front Cover: Christian Wirth, Roomful Of Blues: Rich Lataille & Mark Early, Michael Cox/Not So Smooth Jazz Play-Along CD by Skip Spratt/Francois Louis’ Aulochrome Sax by David Pope/Rock ‘n Roll Gunslinger “Searching For The Perfect Gig” by Dave Woody Woodford/New Sax Publications by David Demsey/Reparing Your Saxophone “Replacing Sax Springs” by Emilio Lyons/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone “Ear Monitors: Are They Right For You” by Andrew Clark/A Lesson With Kenneth Tse by Greg Banaszak/Preparing New Reeds Part I by Gunnar Mossblad/The Saxophone Quartet “The Sax Music Of Alfred Desenclos (1912-1971)/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 28, No. 4 (March/April 2004) $15.00 - Front Cover: Steve Cole, David Wright, Javon Jackson/Microphone Masterclass by Andrew Clark/Sax Doubling by Paul Haar/Daily Practice Planner by Steve Mauk/Taking Your Sax Apart by Emilio Lyons/Saxophone Reviews by Laura Dreyer/Different Qualities of Dominant Chords by Dave Pope/Lesson With Steve Duke/New Sax Publications/Lynden De Young’s SATB Music by Susan Fancher/The Baritone Sax by Jay Easton/My Yamaha Wx5 System by Rick Campbell/Recommended CDs
• Volume 28, No. 5 (May/June 2004) $15.00 - Front Cover: Michael Jacobson, Joshua Redman, Geral Albright/Masterclass Play-Along CD I, Classical Music by Michael Jacobson/Composer Terry Riley’s Music for SATB by Susan Fancher/The Baritone Split Key & Loose Screws by Emilio Lyons/New Sax Publications/Career Management: Air Force Band Saxophonist Anthony Balester/Remember Michael Kamen by Dave Woodford/New Song Standards: Where Are They/Jazz: Making The Horn The Messenger by Dave Pope/Preparing New Reeds Part II by Gunnar Mossblad/Recommended CDs
• Volume 28, No. 6 (July/August 2004) $15.00 - Front Cover: Marion Meadows, Sam Rivers, George Waremchuk/Play-Along CD “Sheddin’ The Blues” by Bob Johnson & Funkdawgs/Lesson With Alan Durst/Fixing Long Rod Bearings by Emilio Lyons/Sax Reeds: Selection, Placement, Adjustment by Steve Mauk/How To Deal With Politics In The Music Business by Laura Dreyer/The Cause Of A Sore Lip by Tracy Heavner/Switch Hitting: Classical vs. Jazz by Paul Haar/2004 Nasa Sax Quartets by Susan Fancher/New Sax Publications/Repetition: A Huge Part Of Music/Purchasing A New Mouthpiece by Greg Weir/Recommended CDs
• Volume 29, No. 1 (September/October 2004) $15.00 - Front Cover: Robert Verdi, Ted Brankston, Mindi Abair/Masterclass Play-Along CD II, Classical Music by Michael Jacobson/Ben Johnson’s Music for SATB by Susan Fancher/Sax Key Pearls And The Lacquer Finish by Emilio Lyons/Teaching Flutter Tonguing by Steve Mauk/New Sax Publications/TopTen Jazz Sax Recordings by David Pope/Zen, Willie Nelson And Ligatures by Dave “Woody” Woodford/It’s never Too Late To Play Jazz, Part I by Paul Haar/Taiwan Spring Sax Camp by James Houlik/Career Management with Ty Alan Emerson/Recommended CDs
• Volume 29, No. 2 (November/December 2004) $15.00 - Front Cover: Henley Douglas, Jr., Chein-Kwan Lin, Dan Higgins/Masterclass Play-Along CD “Sixth Sense” by Gregory Yasinitsky/Top Ten Reasons By Saxophonists Are Not Lazy by Laura Dreyer/Fixing Sticky G# Keys & Hat Felt For Larger Bumpers by Emilio Lyons/Forming a Good Embouchure by Tracy Heavner/New Sax Publications/Rock ‘n Roll Sax Blacksnake Curveball by Andrew Clark/Masterclass Lesson on Lawson Lunde’s Sonata by Steve Mauk/Career Management: Actor Saxophonist Ethan Phillips/Mastering Subtone For Improvising by David Pope/Joseph Schwantner’s Diaphonia Intervalum by Chris Greco/American Saxophonist In Korea by Greg Banaszak/It’s Never Too Late To Play Jazz, Part II by Paul Haar/Recommended CDs
• Volume 29, No. 3 (January/February 2005) $15.00 - Front Cover: Plas Johnson, Vinny Golia, Ken Radnofsky/Latin Jazz Masterclass Play-Along CD by Skip Spratt/Learning To Love The Key Of E Concert: Rock ‘n Roll Sax by Andrew Clark/Stickey Key Pads, Sealing Low D and A, Eb Key Flutter Problems by Emilio Lyons/New Sax Publications/A Lesson With Andy Wen/Using Tone Rows In Jazz Improvisation by David Pope/Circular Breathing Part I: It’s Early History by Richard Schwartz/Sax Quartet Equipment Survey Of Leading Quartets by Susan Fancher/Recommended CDs
• Volume 29, No. 4 (March/April 2005) $15.00 - Front Cover: Gary Bartz, Lee Allen, Nobuya Sugawa/Masterclass Play-Along CD “Great Horns Of America Revisited-The Martin Sax” by Bob Ackerman/Yoga For Saxophonists, Part I by Jason Adams/Keeping Your Sax Looking New, Replacing Pads Fixing Leaks by Emilio Lyons/Maintaining A Healthy Jazz Practice Routine, Part I by David Pope/Working With Accompanists by Paul Haar/A Look Back And A Peak Forward: Rock ‘n Roll Sax by Andrew Clark/Career Management with Finnish Saxophonist Ollie-Pekka Tuomisalo/Identify Your Musical Strengths And Weaknesses by Laura Dreyer/A Guide For Memory Mapping (Memorizing Music) by Steve Mauk/Essential Tools & Supplies For Emergency Road Repairs, Part I by Gunnar Mossblad/Brooklyn Sax Quartet On Repertoire Development by Susan Fancher/Circular Breathing II: Is It Hazardous To Your Health by Richard Schwartz/Recommended CDs
• Volume 29, No. 5 (May/June 2005) $15.00 - Front Cover: Aaron Heick, Mike Brignola, Stacy Maugans/Jamband Play-Along CD by Darcy Hepner/Mouthpiece Teeth Marks & Clarinet Pad Tips by Emilio Lyons/Maintaining A Healthy Jazz Practice Routine, Part II by David Pope/New Sax Publications/Stage Presence & Etiquette by Paul Haar/Playing In A Concert: Rock ‘n Roll Sax by Andrew Clark/Essential Tools & Supplies For Emergency Repairs, Part II by Gunnar Mossblad/Making A CD Recording Featuring The Osland Sax Quartet by Susan Fancher/Yoga For Saxophonists, Part II by Jason Adams/Lennie Niehaus & The Hollywood Sax Quartet by Jack Foote/Recommended CDs.
• Volume 29, No. 6 (July/August 2005) $15.00 - Front Cover: Doug James, Eric Marienthal, Todd Tucker/Double Edge Masterclass Play-Along CD by composer Greg Yasinitsky/Develop Artistic Awareness in Jazz by David Pope/Emilio Lyons Fixing Worn Metal Sax Strap Rings and End Corks on Flutes/Steve Mauk’s Sax Playing Bad Habits Check List/Rock ‘n Roll 3-set Tune List For Private Parties/Belgian Composer Marcel Poot/Dave Demsey Reviews Real Easy Jazz Book 2 and Jazz Sax Etudes by Fishman/Lesson With Charek Gadzina/The Smaller Saxophones (Piccolo, Sopranino, Soprano, F Alto) by Jay Easton/Tracy Heavner on Mouthpieces & Reeds/Recommended CDs
• Volume 30, No. 1 (Sept/Oct 2005) $15.00 - Front Cover: David Nabb, Evan Parker, Paul Taylor/New Music New Instruments Masterclass CD by Peter Schmid/David Demsey reviews Woodwind Mouthpiece Selection by Rober Scarff & Jazz Play-Alongs by Hal Leonard /Emilio Lyons: To Glue Or Shellac Pads To Cups/Susan Fancher “Vibrato In Sax Quartet Playing”/Steve Mauk On Performance Anxiety, Stage Fright, Nerves, The Shakes/Rock ‘n Roll Sax: The Art Of Overdubbing Multiple Parts/A Lesson With Michael Skinner/A Lip In Distress: My Encounters With Reed Allergies/The Lydian Dominant IV Chord In Jazz/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 30, No. 2 (Nov/Dec 2005) $15.00 - Front Cover: Candy Dulfer, Nelson Rangell, Yusheng Li/Circular Breathing Masterclass CD by Peter Corser/David Demsey Reviews Soliloquy by Faure & The Hal Leonard Artist Transcription Series/Emilio Lyons’ Comments On A German Made Selmer & How To Replace An Alto Neck Cork/Rock ‘n Roll Sax: Bass Guitar And The Saxophone/A Lesson With Benjamin Boone/Steve Mauk And Teaching Musicality/Paul Harr’s 10 Favorite Jazz Duo Recordings/Return Of The Contrabass Sax by Jay Easton (rare photos)/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 30, No. 3 (Jan/Feb 2006) $15.00 - Front Cover: Lon Price, Walter Beasley, Tracy Heavner/Akai EWI Masterclass CD by Andrew Clark/What Exactly Does The Lower Lip Do For The Tone by Gunnar Mossblad/Emilio Lyons: How To Use PC-Marine Epoxy Putty To Build Up Palm Keys/Steve Mauk And Teaching Pitch Bends/History Of The Sax Quartet by Susan Fancher/Playing The Sax With One Hand by Paul Harr (David Nabb’s Amazing One-Handed Sax Made by Jeff Stelling/David Demsey Reviews Sax Quartet No. 2 by Steve Cohen & Doug Ramsey’s Book Take Five: The Public & Private Lives Of Paul Desmond/The New Tilting Bis Key Invented By Frank Tehan/Practcing ii/V Jazz Progressions by David Pope/Develop The Mind Not The Ear (C Major 7th For Beginning Jazz Improvisation) by Laura & Emile De Cosmo/Brian Kane on Teaching Swing Jazz Sight Reading/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 30, No. 4 (Mar/Apr 2006) $15.00 - Front Cover: David Demsey, Michael Paulo, Eddie Daniels/Satin Latin Jazz Duets Play-Along CD by Skip Spratt/ARTE Sax Quartet From Switzerland/Emilio Lyons Discusses Sax Key Heights And Intonation, Bent Or Discolored Keys, Replacing Clarinet Thumb Rest Screws/Steve Mauk Compares Styles Of Sax Playing: Band, Solo, Jazz Ensemble/Paul Harr’s Preamble List To Your Practice Routine/Tips For Transcribing Jazz Solos by David Pope/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 30, No. 5 (May/June 2006) $15.00 - Front Cover: David Dees, Eric Alexander, Jimmy Sommers/Take The Lead Big Band Play-Along CD by Joe Eckert/A LessonWith Mike Tomaro/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone In Sweden/Emilio Lyons: Tricks To Attaching Super Small Cork Pieces to Ends of Screws/Sheila Cooper: Singing To Improve Your Musicianship/David Pope: The Art Of Keeping Track Of Chord Changes/ Develop The Mind Not The Ear (V 7th For Beginning Jazz Improvisation) by Laura & Emile De Cosmo/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 30, No. 6 (July/Aug 2006) $15.00 - Front Cover: Pete Christlieb, Richie Cannata, Stephen Pollock/Sight Reading In A Jazz Swing Style CD by Brian Kane/Rock 'n Roll Saxophone Trip To Sweden/A Lesson With John Sampen/Burton Beerman's Tikvah For Sax Quartet/Using Altered Notes In Jazz Blues/The Sax Doctor Emilio Lyons/Steve Mauk's Palm Key Hand Position Recommendations/Music Orientation For The Modern Saxophonist: Interpreting The Music/Developing A Strong Metric Feel With Gunnar Mossblad/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 31, No. 1 (Sept/Oct 2006) $15.00 - Front Cover: Fred Hemke, John Klemmer, Jimmy Sturr/How To Play The Blues CD by Eric Morones/A Lesson With Lauren Sevian/Emilio Lyons "The Sax Doctor"/Developing Listening Habits For Jazz Saxophonists/Using Palm Keys As Alternate Fingerings/The Akai Story (EWI 3000, 3020, 3030, 2000, &VX600) by Andrew Clark/New Saxophone Publications/The Rollin' Phones Saxophone Quartet Celebrate 20 Years/Orchestral Saxophone Primer Part I: Works You Should Know/Develop The Mind Not The Ear: The C Minor 7th Chord In Jazz
• Volume 31, No. 2 (Nov/Dec 2006) $15.00 - Front Cover: Najee, Mark Colby, Pablo Salcedo/John Paulson's eGroup "Electronic Quintet" Play-Along CD/Steve Mauk On Tonal Matching Over The Saxophone Break/New Saxophone Publications/Emilio Lyons "The Sax Doctor"/Career Management With Gary Lindsay/The Sax Quartet Music Of Victor Morosco/David Pope's Building Melodic Memory For Jazz Improvisation/The Akai EWI Story Part II by Andrew Clark/The Orchestral Primer Part 2: Works You Should Know/Recommended Recordings
• Volume 31, No. 3 (Jan/Feb 2007) $15.00 - Front Cover: Thom Mason, Jeremy Justeson, Sonya Jason/The Funkdawgs Band-In-A-Box Funk & Blues Play-Along CD/Steve Mauk On Sax Finger Placement Technique/Creative Jazz Improv: Keeping Track Of Chord Changes II/The Art Of Section Playing I (with "Joe"), EWI inventor Nyle Steiner Interview By Andrew Clark/New Sax Publications by David Demsey/Emilio Lyons "The Sax Doctor"/Jackie McLean 1931-March 31, 2006 by Greg Banaszak/Recommended Recordings/Career Management: Les Silver Saxophonist Recording Engineer
• Volume 31, No. 4 (Mar/Apr 2007) $15.00 - Front Cover: Marcus Strickland, Dino Soldo, Neta Noren/aeterma Masterclass CD By David Camwell/A Lesson With Allan Wasserman/New Sax Publications/Emilio Lyons "The Sax Doctor"/Discover Your Range & Limits In Rock 'n Roll Saxophone/Steve Mauk's Scale Patterns Memorization/Develop The Mind Not The Ear: Minor 7 b5 Chord/So You Want To Be A Private Instructor/Recommended Recordings/The National Sax Choir Of Great Britain & Nigel Wood/The Bass Sax: Repertoire, Writing, Practical Matters/Building Technical Dexterity For Jazz Improvisation
• Volume 31, No. 5 (May/June 2007) $15.00 - Front Cover: George Shelby, Greg Fishman, Ollie-Pekka Tuomisalo
/Tenor Sax Sound & Style Masterclass Play-Along CD By Skip Spratt /Michael Brecker In His Own Words By David Demsey/Sax Quartet Recordings For Student Saxophonists/Steve Mauk Teaching Score Preparation/In Gratitude To Michael Brecker: David Pope/Rock 'n Roll Sax: The New EWI 4000/New Sax Publications/Emilio Lyons "The Sax Doctor"/Recommended Recordings/Rico Reeds: Improving The Family Tradition.
Volume 31, No. 6 (July/Aug 2007) $15.00 - Front Cover: Steve Goodson, Kenneth Tse, David Glasser /Saxophone With Strings play-along CD by Darcy Hepner/Using Digital Loopers on Rock ‘n Roll Gigs/Fix A Loose Sax Neck “The Sax Doctor”/Steve Mauk’s New Student Checklist/How To Pace Jazz Improvisations/The New Hudson Sax Quartet/Solving Hand Positions With Mechanical Adjustments/Dave Demsey’s New Sax Pubications/Digital Self-Promotion For Saxophonists/Classical Saxphone In Central America, Pt. I/Recommended Recordings
Volume 32, No. 1 (Sept/Oct 2007) $15.00 - Front Cover: Frankie Perez, David Binney, Todd Yukumoto/Masterclass CD by Steve Mauk On Dana Wilson’s “We Sing To Each Other”/The Sax Quartet Music Of Daniel Dorff/Classical Saxophone In Central America, Pt II/How To Teach Rock ‘n Roll Sax/Jazz History: Libraries, Liner Notes, Jazz Improvisation/Vandoren: The State Of The Art”/A Lesson With James Bunte/Keeping Sax Screws Tight by “The Sax Doctor”/Managing Your Multi-Media Self-Promotion/Dave Demsey’s New Sax Publications/Sidney Bechet, Founder Of Jazz Saxophone/Recommended Recordings
Volume 32, No. 2 (Nov/Dec 2007) $15.00 - Front Cover: Griffin Campbell, Randy Scott, Edgar Winter/Masterclass CD by David Pope “Tenor Saxophone Multiphonics”/The Science And Soul Of Jazz Improvisation/How Often Should I Overhaul My Sax “The Sax Doctor”/Finding Good Tension & Release Points In Your Jazz Solo/Remembering Boots Randolph 1927-2007/Doubling Other Instruments in Rock ‘n Roll Music/A Lesson With Patrick Cornelius/Give The Listener A Break Techniques/Using Technology In Sax Recitals/Dave Demsey’s New Sax Publications/Pilgrimage: Michael Brecker’s Last CD
Volume 32, No. 3 (Jan/Feb 2008) $15.00 - Front Cover: Emilio Castillo, David Stambler, Kenny Garrett/Royal City Sax Quartet Plays Six Brown Brothers Masterclass & Play-Along CD/Remembering Paul Brodie 1934-2007/Recording Insights: The New Century Sax Quartet/Selmer Mark VI Seriel Numbers “The Sax Doctor”/Dave Demsey’s New Sax Publications/Steve Mauk’s Beginning Soprano Sax Techniques/Art Of The Duo: Jazz Improvisation For Two/Transcribing Rock Sax Licks With Audacity/A Lesson With J. Michael Holmes/Bass Sax In Spiderman 3 Movie by Bill Liston/Practicing The Extremeties Of The Saxophone by Gunnar Mossblad/Recommended Recordings
Volume 32, No. 4 (Mar/April 2008) $15.00 - Front Cover: Kenny Brooks, Ken Fischer, Frank Tiberi/Skip Spratt’s Contemporary Jazz Saxophone Masterclass Play-Along CD/John Mackey’s Concerto For Soprano Saxophone by Timothy Roberts/Solving Mouthpiece Moisture Problems/World Music Doubling For Jazz Improvisation/My Tenor Squeaks All The Time “The Sax Doctor”/Clarence Clemon’s Solo On Rosalita by Andrew Clark/Dave Dempsey’s New Sax Publications/Below 65 HZ From Brazil (A New Bass Sax)/Teaching And Performing Jazz Ballads/Recommended Recordings
Volume 32, No. 5 (May/June 2008) $15.00 - Front Cover: Euge Groove, Sal Lozano, Andrew Dahlke/Elliot Del Borgo’s Quartet For Saxophones Masterclass Play-Along CD By The Washington Saxophone Quartet/Improvising With the Diminished 7th Structure/Fix Your Octave Vent Tubes “The Sax Doctor”/A Day In The Life Of A Rock Star/Growing Arundo Donax In Argentina: Gonzalez Reeds/A Lesson With Mike DiRubbo/Remembering Paul Brodie: Eugene Rousseau, James Houlik, Daniel Rubinoff, David Gibson, Ted Hegvik/David Demsey’s New Sax Publications/Recommeded Recordings

Volume 32, No. 6 (July/Aug 2008) $15.00 - Front Cover: Stan Harrison, Bill Liston, Demetrius Spaneas/Howl, By composer William Dougherty, Featured In Masterclass Play-Along CD By James Romain/A Lesson With Ron Diehl/The Quasar Saxophone Quartet/Studying Jazz Recordings To Expand Improvisation Skills/David Demsey’s New Saxophone Publications/Fixing A Metallic Buzz in Metal Mouthpieces by Emilio Lyons/An Interview With Wolf Taninbaum/Recommended Recordings
Volume 33, No. 1 (Sept/Oct 2008) $15.00 - Front Cover: Connie Frigo, Jeff Rupert, Kenny G/Jazz In A Duo Setting Masterclass Play-Along CD By Miles Osland/Multi-Tasking Your Career by David Camwell/ David Demsey’s New Saxophone Publications”The Sax Quartet” Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint/Success At The Solo Festival By Steve Mauk/A Lesson With Pete Mills/Pink Floyd’s Dogs Of War & YouTube “Rock ‘n Roll Sax”/What Is Creative Jazz Improvisation By David Pope/Springs On Student Saxes, Keep Your Sax Playing Well By Emilio Lyons/Adding Chromatic Embelishments To Your Jazz Ideas by Greg Fishman/Student Saxophonist Adam Larson In New Orleans/Recommended Recordings
Volume 33, No. 2 (Nov/Dec 2008) $15.00 - Front Cover: Susan Fancher, Crispin Cioe, James Carter/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone Quartet Masterclass Play-Along CD by Skip Spratt/Sticky Sax Pads And How To Fix Them by Emilio Lyons/Double Chromatic Neighbor Resolutions In Jazz/David Demsey’s New Saxophone Publications/Rock ‘n Roll Sax: It’s Time To Create Sax Hero Software/Jazz Education Network JEN/Sax Acoustics 101: What Happens Inside Your Sax/The Prism Sax Quartet/Choosing Your “Set-Up” For The Gig At Hand/Jon Gordon’s Solo On Joe Henderson’s Inner Urge/Recommended Recordings
Volume 33, No. 3 (Jan/Feb 2009) $15.00 - Front Cover: Lenny Pickett, Don Braden, Debra Richtmeyer/”As In Stained Light” Masterclass Play-Along CD by Ken Tse/Jazz Improvisaton With Non-Western Musicians by David Pope/Auditions In The Rock ‘n Roll World/Tips On Cleaning Your Sax Mouthpiece by Emilio Lyons/A Lesson With Greg Chambers/Steve Mauk On Multiphonics: Meaning Many Sounds/Connecting Your Ear To The Sax by Gunnar Mossblad/Thoughts On Keywork Design & Improvement by Steve Goodson/The Art Of Jazz Articulation, Part I by Greg Fishman/Recommended Recordings
Volume 33, No. 4 (Mar/Apr 2009) $15.00 - Front Cover: Jerry Martini, Peter Freeman, Frank Macchia/Jazz Articulaton Techniques Masterclass Play-Along CD by Will Campbell/Prepping For College Jazz Auditions by David Pope/Musings On The Sax Mouthpiece by Steve Goodson/Rock Ballad Tips by Andrew Clark/How To Tighten You Sax Neck by Emilio Lyons/Steve Mauk & Professional Stage Presence/A Lesson With Branford Marsalis/David Demsey’s New Saxophone Publications/The Franken Sax Part I: An Experimental 12 Octave Vent Sax by Michael Brockman/Recommended Recordings
Volume 33, No. 5 (May/June 2009) $15.00 - Front Cover: Chrisopher Brellochs, Stephen “Doc” Kupka, Ralph Lalama/Five Common Styles In Rock Masterclass Play-Along CD by Skip Spratt/A Lesson With Rich Shanklin/Scale Routine Strategies For Jazz Improvisation/Working With Young Sax Quartets/The Modern Digital Recording Studio/New Sax Publications By David Demsey/Emilio Lyons “The Sax Doctor”/Performance Concentration: A Daily Routine/The Complete Guide To Sax Necks By Steve Goodson/The Concept Of Mouthpiece Design by Wolfe Taninbaum/Recommended Saxophone CD Recordings
Volume 33, No. 6 (July/Aug 2009) $15.00 - Front Cover: Tom Saviano, Javier Arau, Ernie Watts/Jazz Phrasing And Style Play-Along CD by Greg Fishman/Emilio Lyons “The Sax Doctor”/Sax Quartets: Martin Bresnick’s Everything Must Go/The Universal Sax Method Revisited by Steve Mauk/Rock ‘n Roll Sax: The Importance Of Space/Jazz Improvisation: Practicing Concentration/Early History Of Pads And Their Evolution, Part I by Steve Goodson/A Lesson With Subaram Raman/Judging Student Jazz Bands In Festivals by David Camwell/A Quick Quide To Analyzing Jazz Standards By Gunnar Mossblad/Recommended Saxophone CD Recordings
Volume 34, No. 1 (Sept/Oct 2009) $15.00 - Front Cover: Jacob Yoffee, Pamela Williams, Christopher Creviston/Birthday Music For Sigurd Rascher Masterclass CD by Alan Durst/The Walt Disney Sax Quartet/The Greatest Controversy: Resonators By Steve Goodson/Appreciating Avant-Garde Jazz by David Pope/Akai’s Latest EWI USB by Andrew Clark/Emilio Lyons “The Sax Doctor”/The Art Of Jazz Articulation, Part II by Greg Fishman/New Sax Publications/Recommended Saxophone CD Recordings
Volume 34, No. 2 (Nov/Dec 2009) $15.00 - Front Cover: Eric Darius, Brian Horner, Alex Kontorovich/Sax On The Edge Masterclass CD by Skip Spratt/Saxophonists Prepare “Meet Thy Maker” (of saxophones) by Steve Goodson/New Sax Publications by David Demsey/Symmetry Of The Octave In Jazz Improvisation by David Pope/Emilio Lyons “The Sax Doctor”/A Lesson With James Romain/Sax Quartet’s: World Sax Congress XV in Thailand/Rock ‘n Roll Sax: Jamming in Gamla Stan/My Experience Playing Walter Kronkite’s Funeral by Javier Arau/Variety In The Private Lesson Routine by Steve Mauk/Recommended Saxophone CD Recordings
Volume 34, No. 3 (Jan/Feb 2010) $15.00 - Front Cover: Jessy J, Ronnie Laws, Simon Haram/Mozart “Disonance” Quartet in C Major Masterclass CD by David Camwell/Emilio Lyons “The Sax Doctor”/The H2 Sax Quartet/A Lesson With Dave Pietro/Rock ‘n Roll Sax: A Simple Blues Etude/The Rites Of Springs (a complete guide to sax springs) by Steve Goodson/Online Networking For Jazz Musicians/New Sax Publications/Recommended Saxophone CD Recordings
• Volume 34, No. 4 (Mar/Apr 2010) $15.00 - Front Cover: Lauren Sevian, Nathan Nabb, Stacey Knights/Sax Duets “Jazz Suite” Masterclass CD by Frank Bongiorno/New Sax Publications/A Saxophone Designer’s Job by Steve Goodson/Amateur Sax Quartets/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone: “Neo-Soul” by Andrew Clark/A Lesson With David Wright/Emilio Lyons “The Sax Doctor”/”Distributed Meaning” in Jazz Improvisation by David Pope/Recommended Saxophone CD Recordings
Volume 34, No. 4 (Mar/Apr 2010) $15.00 - Front Cover: Lauren Sevian, Nathan Nabb, Stacey Knights/Sax Duets “Jazz Suite” (Ralph Martino, composer) Masterclass CD by Frank Bongiorno/New Sax Publications/A Saxophone Designer’s Job by Steve Goodson (Part 1)/Amateur Sax Quartets/Rock ‘n Roll Saxophone: “Neo-Soul” by Andrew Clark/A Lesson With David Wright/Emilio Lyons “The Sax Doctor”/”Distributed Meaning” in Jazz Improvisation by David Pope/Recommended Saxophone CD Recordings
Volume 34, No. 5 (May/June 2010) $15.00 - Front Cover:Chris Collins, Jatja Riechkermann, Harvey Pittel/"Funk Duets" Masterclass CD by Skip Spratt/New Sax Publications/The Sax Quartet: Canonic Suite by Elliot Carter/Rock 'n Roll Sax "How To Create A Live Looping Jam"/Help Wanted: Saxophone (Part II) additional improvements to saxophones by Steve Goodson/A Lesson With Mark Colby/Emilio Lyons "The Sax Doctor"/A Balanced Approach For Jazz Improvisation by David Pope/Recommended Recordings

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